Who is this Basic First Safety Awareness training for?

The Basic First Safety Awareness training those individuals who are in charge of fire safety. The 4-hour Basic Fire Safety Awareness training provides critical knowledge into assistance in fire prevention and recognising the real importance of fire safety. Lives are often saved due to increasing awareness of fire safety and prevention in the workplace. This training will raise the awareness of threats posed by fire to property, people and the workplace

Course content

  • Fire Statistics and Impacts of Fire
  • Fire Anatomy
  • Duties and Responsibilities of Fire Wardens
  • Fire Prevention Techniques & Equipment
  • Fire Extinguishing Methods
  • Evacuation Procedure
  • Regular Fire Safety Checks
  • Staff Induction

On-Site Training

The benefit of on-site training is you can choose the times during which courses are conducted to suit your organisation’s requirements. The course can also be delivered over the weekend. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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