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Complaint Policy

Complaint Policy

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Corporate Safety Solutions Pvt Ltd welcomes feedback, including complaints, from our consumers. They allow us to correct any problems with our service, give us a chance to re-establish our relationship with our consumers, and enable us to learn how to improve our service quality.

Corporate Safety Solutions Pvt Ltd defines a complaint as any consumer expression of dissatisfaction with our service.


Consumers have the right to know what they can expect from Corporate Safety Solutions Pvt Ltd services.
Corporate Safety Solutions Pvt Ltd complaint handling processes will be consistent with current complaint handling standards.
Corporate Safety Solutions Pvt Ltd complaint handling will be consistent with the Principles and Objectives of the Companies Act, 1956 (No 1 of 1956)


Corporate Safety Solutions Pvt Ltd incorporates the criteria set out by Companies Act, 1956 (No 1 of 1956) Disability Services Standards, Standard 7: Complaints and Disputes and the Customer Service Complaint Handling Checklist into its complaints handling procedures.

Corporate Safety Solutions Pvt Ltd consumer feedback and complaints system demonstrates that:

  • management and staff are committed to its effectiveness,
  • it is fair to both complainant and respondent,
  • it has sufficient resources,
  • procedures for feedback, including the right to complain, are publicised,
  • the complaints procedure is easily accessed,
  • consumers who wish to complain have assistance and help from the advocate of their choice,
  • staff respond courteously to feedback and complaints within two working days, and
  • there are appropriate remedies.

Corporate Safety Solutions Pvt Ltd will:

  • collect non identifying data on consumer complaints and feedback,
  • use the information to identify underlying causes of consumer problems, and
  • correct any problems and improve the quality of our services.

Corporate Safety Solutions Pvt Ltd is committed to dealing with all formal complaints in a fair and timely manner, and to use them as an opportunity for making improvements.

This Complaints Procedure forms is also an integral part of the Company’s ISO 9001 Quality Management System and is required by NEBOSH for all its accredited course providers.

All complaints received are dealt with in accordance with our procedure:

All complaints will be acknowledged in writing within 10 working days.

  • Correspondence and discussions regarding your complaint will be logged.
  • Complaints are investigated promptly and fairly.
  • All complaints will be resolved and a written response provided within 15 working days. In the event that resolution is not possible within this timescale CSS will advise you in writing of the reason for the delay and the expected date of resolution.
  • Where we find that any corrective and/or preventative action is required; this will be recorded and monitored to ensure improvements are made.

At the finalisation of each complaint, Corporate Safety Solutions Pvt Ltd informs all complainants about the relevant review processes.Please direct all complaints to email: admin@cssglobal.org or write directly to

Jason Machado, Managing Director, Corporate Safety Solutions Pvt Ltd, 303, 3rd floor, Sai Riddhi Complex, Opp Post Office, Mira Road (E), Thane
Pin 401107.

Referral to NEBOSH
Should your complaint not be satisfied by Corporate Safety Solutions Pvt Ltd in accordance with this procedure you are entitled to pass on your complaint on to NEBOSH at e-mail info@nebosh.org.uk or write to:

Tania Barker, Customer Service Manager, NEBOSH Dominus Way Meridian Business Park Leicester LE19 1QW

Please note; if your concern relates to your examination result or malpractice in the conduct of an examination, your complaint will be dealt with directly by NEBOSH under either the Enquiry About Result procedure or Malpractice policy at the following link


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