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This is basic Competent Person (Inspection Only) training for frame, tube & coupler, and “system” type scaffolds. Topics include detailed coverage of the OSHA scaffold regulations, as well as recommended assembly procedures. It is primarily classroom with walk by discussion of actual scaffold displays. This first module by itself is excellent for Competent Inspectors Only.

Course content

  • Putlog and independent tied scaffolds
  • Mobile and static towers
  • Hoist towers
  • Temporary roofs
  • Hazards relating to use of birdcage scaffolds
  • Reading scaffold drawings
  • Practical Inspection of Training Scaffold
  • Scaffolding terminology
  • Tubes, boards and fittings
  • Ladders
  • Gin wheels and ropes
  • Scaffold ties
  • Construction regulations and recommendations of basic scaffolds to include:
    • independent tied scaffold
    • putlog scaffold
    • birdcage scaffold
    • static tower
    • basic independent tied scaffold
    • scaffolds with prefabricated beams
    • protective fans, pavement gantry
    • loading bay, roof saddle scaffold
    • splay scaffold roof edge protection
    • practical inspection reports

Course duration

3 to 4 days

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