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Where can I take the NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and safety course?

What is the NEBOSH IGC course fees? Can I have some detailed information on the NEBOSH general certificate syllabus? These are often some of the questions frequently asked. We have tired of covering as cover as many questions as possible.

The NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety is recognised globally and provides you with a broad understanding of the critical issues in health and safety. The NEBOSH general certificate training (IGC) is the most popular and beneficial for employees at all levels throughout the world. It gives them the skills and stands to fulfil their health and safety responsibilities in any country. It is also suitable for those starting their career in health and safety and provides a robust platform for progression onto the NEBOSH International Diploma.

Course fey facts:

Learning Methods: Classroom and In-company
Units: IGC1; Gc2; GC3
Exams: Two half days exams for IGC 1& GC2 plus GC3 practical exams
Duration: Depends on your learning method

At what level is the NEBOSH IGC &  What are the NEBOSH IGC course fees in India? & Does the NEBOSH IGC course fees include everything?

Most students have a set objective in minds before they take the NEBOSH IGC with CSS; i.e. to enhance the career and become an internationally recognised safety practitioner. Once a candidate has qualified with a NEBSOSH qualification there are more chances for an office promotion, an improved job security and much more. However, before you enroll for the NEBOSH IGC you would want to know;  I’d like to break down the price for the NEBOSH IGC via eLearning. The NEBOSH IGC eLearning is one of the most effective ways to complete the NEBOSH IGC course. At CSS we offer a simple and easy eLearning platform that is an idea for students. By opting for this study method, you can keep your cost down beside saving on your travelling expenses. Instead of attending the full-time training at your own pace. All you need is an internet connection.

Our course more often than not is subject to changes so be sure to check on our website for SPECIAL OFFERS!

The NEBOSH General Certificate provides an excellent foundation to managers, supervisors and employees. The NEOSH IGC is a SCQF Level 6 is comparable to NQF/QCF Level 3 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, or A-level standard. More details on the comparison may be found below:

Comparing qualification frameworks and levels in the UK

The NEBOSH IGC is widely considered as the first step towards a career in health and safety. It is also accepted by IOSH in meeting the academic requirements for Technical Membership of IOSH (Tech IOSH).

What is the pass mark for NEBOSH International General Certificate course?

The NEBOSH International General Certificate course is divided into three main modules,

  • Management of international health and safety (IGC1)
  • Control of international workplace hazards (GC2)
  • International health and safety practical application (GC3)

The passing marks for IGC1 & GC2 are 45% while the passing marks for the practical exam (GC3) are 60%. NEBOSH does not have a total score to pass the exam, which means you have to pass each module independently.

Upon completion you will be able:

  • Recognize hazards in a range of workplace environments and suggest suitable corrective and preventative actions.
  • Recognise the role of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and legal duties of both employers and employees.
  • Support in the planning, implementation and regular assessment of a health and safety policy.
  • Create a positive health and safety culture
  • Carry out risk assessments and make references based on your findings.
  • Investigate accidents/incidents and prepare reports recommending suitable corrective and preventative measures
  • Health and Safety audit.

The NEBOSH General Certificate syllabus.

Unit IGC1: Management of International Health & Safety

  1. Element 1: Foundations in Health and Safety
  2. Element 2: Health and Safety Management Systems – Plan
  3. Element 3: Health and Safety Management Systems – Do
  4. Element 4: Health and Safety Management Systems – Check
  5. Element 5: Health and Safety Management Systems – Act

Unit GC2: Control of workplace hazards

  1. Element 1: Workplace Hazards and Risk Control
  2. Element 2: Transport Hazards and Risk Control
  3. Element 3: Musculoskeletal Hazards and Risk Control
  4. Element 4: Work Equipment Hazards and Risk Control
  5. Element 5: Electrical Safety
  6. Element 6: Fire Safety
  7. Element 7: Chemical and Biological Health Hazards and Risk Control
  8. Element 8: Physical and Psychological Health Hazards and Risk Control

Unit GC3: International health and safety practical application

NEBOSH IGC practical assessment – GC3

The NEBOSH practical assessment has to be performed at your workplace. The NEBSOH practical assessment focuses on two crucial aspects; 1. Carrying out a detailed inspection of your workplace. 2. Writing a report to your management convincing them of your finding and to persuade them to take immediate action. The inspection and the management report can either be written by hand or word processed. No time limit is set here. However, the NEBOSH guidelines suggest that the whole exercises should be completed within two hours and the management report should be around 700-1000 words in length.  NEBOSH provides a standard observation sheet to record the inspection. In the same way, the management report has to be written as per the usual headings set out by NEBOSH. Though it may sound obvious, it is essential the student reads to the entire guidance document, so they fully understand the requirements right from the beginning. Reading the marking matrix in the guidance document is necessary to enable the student to understand with the NEBOSH marker is looking for, to give high marks.

NEBOSH IGC practical assessment and information for students

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