1.Terms and Conditions of Service

  1. Corporate Safety Solutions Pvt Ltd (CSS) is the final authority on the interpretation of these rules.
  2. Notwithstanding any other item herein, neither party shall be liable to the other under, arising out of or in connection with this agreement.

 2. Payments

  1. All prices are quoted in Indian Rupees + 18% GST + applicable examination fees if required.
  2. We accept all credits cards.
  3. We can accept payment in CASH (INR), via Instamojo from our website, company cheque or Telegraphic Transfer or Bank transfer. All cheques should be crossed and made payable to
    1. Corporate Safety Solutions Pvt Ltd
  4. All charges incurred from, Instamojo, Bank Transfer or PayPal will be a the cost of delegates
  5. Invoices raised on company accounts must be paid as per terms and conditions stated on invoice failure will result in withholding of course or results.
  6. On confirmation of booking for individuals full payment must be received before commencement of the course.
  7. Delegates are responsible for payment of their own accommodation/flights/local transportation and reservations.

3. Confirmation

  1. All course dates are provisional until joining instuctions has been sent.
  2. CSS are not responsible for any accommodation, flights, etc. purchased.
  3. Upon receipt of completed registration notification will be sent regarding the course. Full joining instructions will only be sent once the course is confirmed
  4.  For online courses, once payment has been received the delegate will be sent details on how to access the course and log-in passwords

4. Change or Transfer

  1. Substitute delegates can be named at any time before the programme begins, however a fee of Rs 10000 for NEBOSH
  2. Training course & Rs 5000 for IOSH Training courses (additional) would be applicable.
  3. In the case of NEBOSH once a delegate has been registered, he cannot be transferred, canceled or substituted.



  1. If CSS has to cancel the course for whatever reason, a full refund (of the course fee only) will be given to any candidate who has paid a deposit or full amount and cannot transfer to an alternative.
  2. CSS are not responsible for any accommodation, flights, etc. purchased if reasonable cancellation time is provided.
  3. CSS reserve the right to cancel a course or amend any course date at any time without liability.
  4. Candidates shall be given adequate notice of any changes in writing.
  5. Once enrolled cancellation or refunds will not be issued for online courses.
  6.  CSS appreciate that candidates may not be able to attend training courses once booked so cancellations can be accepted without charge until formal confirmation of the course has been sent.
  7. After confirmation of the course the following will apply
    1. Prior two month of commencement of course–20% of the fee will be refunded
    2. Prior one month of commencement of course–15% of the fee will be refunded
    3. Before 15 days–10% of the fee will be refunded
    4. Before 05 days of commencement of course– 05% of the fee will be refunded
    5. Before 03 days of commencement of course–No refund, the fees paid shall be forfeited.
    6. Substitution of nominated delegate where applicable shall incur examination costs or other administrative costs as per the approval body for the course and are subject to acceptance.


6. Joining Instructions

Joining instructions will be sent to the client before the commencement of the course. The contract between the Company and the Client shall be governed by and construed by the Law of Mumbai, India.