A beginners guide to taking the NEBOSH course exams

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(Last Updated On: September 9, 2018)

Techniques for NEBOSH course exams – International General Certificate (IGC1 & GC2)

Students who take the NEBOSH course exams i.e. the nebosh practical assessment and written exams find it difficult because they do not fully understand the question often asked. Instead of answering the question in front of them they answer the question that they THINK is in front of them. There can be a big difference.

Below is an alternate approach that might help with understanding the question for the NEBOSH course exams:


Slow yourself down and read the whole matter. Read it carefully. Read all parts of the questions, not just the first half, but the entire question. There can often be useful clues and memory triggers in the second half of the question.


If a question has 10 or 20 marks allocated, then there must be at least 10 or 20 pieces of information that the examiner expects to see from you to get those marks. Should the question be divided into several parts and the scores available are indicated in brackets.This is very useful since it shows how much information you should provide. It also help the student understand how much writing is required and how long he/she should spend on each part of their answer.


The key words are those words in the question which are essential to understanding the question‟s meaning. So, for example, if the question was “Define the meaning of the term Safety Culture”, you could say that the keywords are:

Identify: to give reference to an item, which could be its name or title. Normally a word or two.

Give: to provide a short factual answer. Normally a sentence.

Outline: give the critical features of or different parts of. You need to give a brief description of something or a brief explanation of reasons why.

Describe: give a detailed description of what the thing is, what it looks like, how it works, etc. Here a lot of depth is necessary.

Explain: give a detailed explanation – reasons why, reasons for, how it works, etc.

Note that these are the same words that are used in the NEBOSH IGC course exams, but they are being used in a Diploma exam also. Consequently, they do not indicate that the same level of answer is required. A certificate is a level 3 qualification. The diploma is at level 6.


Just to ensure that you understand its meaning.

NEBOSH practical assessment – GC3

The NEBOSH practical assessment has to be performed at your workplace. The NEBSOH practical assessment focuses on two crucial aspects; 1. Carrying out a detailed inspection of your workplace. 2. Writing a report to your management convincing them of your finding and to persuade them to take immediate action. The inspection and the management report can either be written by hand or word processed. No time limit is set here. However, the NEBOSH guidelines suggest that the whole exercises should be completed within two hours and the management report should be around 700-1000 words in length.  NEBOSH provides a standard observation sheet to record the inspection. In the same way, the management report has to be written as per the usual headings set out by NEBOSH. Though it may sound obvious, it is essential the student reads to the entire guidance document, so they fully understand the requirements right from the beginning. Reading the marking matrix in the guidance document is necessary to enable the student to understand with the NEBOSH marker is looking for, to give high marks.

NEBOSH practical assessment and information for students

 Thinking of  becoming  an internationally recognised Health & Safety Safety Officer?

Corporate Safety solutions Pvt Ltd has been delivering NEBOSH & IOSH accredited centre since 2009.  CSS is one of the first company’s to be approved as a centre by NEBOSH & IOSH in India. Studying IOSH & NEBOSH safety course plays a critical role in the life of a Health & Safety officer. The NEBOSH International General Certificate (NEBOSH IGC) is an intermediate course with talks about the essential elements of Health & Safety. The qualification is often referred to as a gold standard marked as a quality standard by most employers in the field of health & safety.

CSS are well known for its quality and standard. The NEBOSH training courses offered by Corporate Safety Solutions is the NEBOSH International General Certificate (NEBOSH IGC), the NEBOSH International Diploma (NEBOSH IDip), NEBOSH International Oil & Gas certificate (NEBOSH IOGC).

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