Certified Safety Professional

Certified Safety Professional Exam Preparation Workshop – 5 days

Prepare for your certified safety professional with our new online review course. The certified safety professional examination is a two test process and is the second level examination required. The delegates applied knowledge is determined through a five and a half hour computer examinations consisting of two hundred questions along with the delegates’ experience gained through professional practice.

We believe there is a high failure rate because students do not understand the scope and complexity of the exam. Also, they have relied on misleading and incomplete learning material. In addition, they generally use a shotgun approach in preparing for the exam.

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Case Study

One of our past delegates received a devastating news wherein he had failed to clear his Certified Safety Professional exams. It was probably not what he was hoping. Moreover, it was nowhere close to the expectation he had, considering his experience and educational qualifications. He had failed. Then he thought of all his friends who had passed and felt even worse. He was too ashamed to tell them the embarrassing news, especially after he boasted the exams were not a big deal. “What am I going to do now.” he thought to himself slowly realising the harsh reality of his predicament.
Unfortunately, this situation happens all the time. A delegate thinks he would fly through the exams, informed all their friends, made plans and get an embarrassing reality check from the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) test. The ASP-CSP exams is merely an objective assessment. While this may not be fair all of the person’s hopes, dreams, their plans may depend upon needing a particular test score. That is the whole purpose of our study material, to help delegates understand what it takes to pass the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) exams. Would you like to get the CSP test score you deserve? Then quit worrying about your ASP – CSP test scores. In order to beat the exam so that you can become a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), enrol with us. This might be the most critical step you have ever taken.

Program Overview

Certified Safety Professionals (CSP) are individuals who perform responsibilities like worksite assessments to determine hazards, evaluating dangers and risk control measures, investigating accidents and preparing emergency response plans. Other duties may include risk identification, fire protection, health hazard control, ergonomics, management of hazardous materials, environmental protection and investigations.

Why Choose Us

As a global leader in safety consulting, we are equipped to tackle the demands and challenges related to safety issues. With dedicated and trained certified professionals worldwide, we can direct clients towards safer practices in the workplace. This will ensure employee well-being as well as minimise financial risk for the company.For additional details or to enroll for this qualification, please email a copy of your updated CV and copies of your mark sheets and final degree certificates to sales@cssglobal.org

CSP Resource Material

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Above PQR charges include the following:

  • Review of your Academic Qualifications / Professional Experience and Professional Qualification
  • Steps to follow for application process
  • Application to ASP

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