Most organisations invest a lot of money in fire protection systems at the workplace. They are also required to prepare and deal with emergencies. However in spite of this whenever there is a fire, people mostly there are fatalities. Sometimes this is due to system failure and primarily because employees are not trained properly. Here the Evacuations drills address the points of where to go and how to do. The Evacuations drills are used in practice in the event of a fire how a building would need to be evacuated. The most common disaster taking place in offices, hotels, multi-storied buildings, manufacturing facilities and other industries is FIRE. The primary issue in the private and public sectors is the frequency of the training, types of exercise, who is the target audience. Should there be a fire what actions should an individual take that would be critical to their safety and the people next to them.

Fire Prevention and Protection – Maharashtra Fire Services

All employees must go through a basic Evacuations drills training, which includes the use of fire equipment, fire emergency plan, emergency escape routes, emergency contact no etc. In addition the company is also required to appoint an Emergency Response Team (ERT) to help assist in such disasters.

Who is this Evacuations drills program for?

For all employees or the selected employees where the drill is being held.

Duration1 Day.

Scope of the program

  • Briefing meeting with the floor wardens.
  • Designation of roles and responsibilities.
  • Dividing the floor wardens into various teams.
  • Raising of the alarm
  • The actual evacuation of employees.
  • Safe assembly point talk by the trainer.
  • Identification of short falls and Post drill briefing and
  • The suggestion of rectification Methods.
  • Final submission of the report.