With a thirst for education increasing, people are looking for ways to get quality and affordable education and at the same time a delivery mode that is flexible. With busy schedules, sitting in class for hours and listening to instructors may not be possible, so a better method of delivery is needed — one that promises quality, fun, affordability and also a success — an environment where the students can learn and practice in an atmosphere which provides collaboration, respect and full enjoyment of the content.
To get all this, learners, training institutions and other stakeholders should work with service providers who promise and deliver a rich learning experience with people who design innovative technological solutions in training and development. These tools are essential in providing a learning experience which positively impacts and transforms institutions, communities and individuals.

Our Products

Custom Health & Safety Trainers Pack – International General Certificate, International Diploma , IOSH Managing Safely and more.

Introduction to Health and Safety at Workplace

CSS Trainer Packs include a complete PowerPoint presentation, sample lesson plans and other relevant teaching resources. The publication provides resources for Training Providers. The resources are provided in the form of a CSS Trainers pack which includes a complete PowerPoint presentation, sample lesson plans and other teaching materials which are relevant to the course. The kit comes in an electronic format allowing providers to amend the lesson plans as well as the power point presentation to suit their own needs and delivery of the course. With a fixed charge to the providers, the users are promised unlimited use at a single training center. The course material also provides an excellent reference for professionals who have management responsibilities in the field of health and safety. It contains colour photographs as well as diagrams which bring the content to life. The material also has an abridged reference to appropriate regulatory and legislative frameworks, content that learners will find very useful for the course.

PowerPoint presentation.

This custom animated presentation blends creative content with ideas. With separation that includes colors, layouts and fonts, content accessibility is improved. Besides, there is also a provision of more control and flexibility in specifying presentation characteristics.

Our Consultants.

With a tested track record of working in SME and Blue Chip companies, our team of consultants are highly qualified safety specialist. The bulk of our consultants are Chartered Health & Safety and Environmental Practitioners (CMIOSH) combining numerous credentials: PhDs, Masters, Degrees in addition to teaching certifications.

On Demand Videos.

Every company is unique with specify safety training needs and objectives in mind. Custom training videos helps compaines reach their goals effectively by featuring only your facility, your procedures to your employees. Customising your training needs has never been more easier than before. Check out this video.