Corporate Safety Solutions has formed an efficient process for obtaining sealed academic transcripts. We ensure the entire process is made simple and easy to understand. Students often require transcripts for various reasons, e.g. Higher education, to seek jobs abroad, immigration purpose etc.

Sealed Academic Transcripts

It’s a considerable challenge to obtain transcripts from any university in India especially if you have moved to a different city, maybe even a different country or you don’t have the time due to your work commitments. Should you think you fall in one of the above categories here are a list of some of your possible solutions.

  • Search through various blogs to find the documents needed by your university.
  • Send all necessary papers to a friend or family who would, in turn, go to the university with a letter of authorisation to request on your behalf
  • The person authorised will then have to endure multiple trips to universities, stand in never-ending queues waiting for their turn and go through this cycle numerous times to provide required information and documents to the university, get correct format etc. The process takes a lot of time and requires a lot of energy and often leads to frustration.
  • Check for people who may be travelling to India and had over your documents to them.
  • Hire random strangers to do your process

None of the above is either secure or efficient. Our primary focus for students and job seekers here is to enable you to receive your transcripts securely and safely. Moreover, it helps you save time and money.


  • Instant access to all universities, private Institutions and even Autonomous colleges across India for collecting Transcripts in a sealed envelope
  • Thorough knowledge of WES process for sealed enveloped
  • Expert team with a strong network across India.
  • One Stop solutions for all your documentation needs
  • Best Price


  • Sealed Academic Transcripts – Collected from 300+ Indian universities and institutes
    • Access to all colleges in India, both public and private universities
    • Support in WES credentials evaluation
  • Copy of Syllabus and Duplicate Marksheets from Universities and Colleges
    • Course description from the University – Certified copy
    • Medium of language letter
    • Obtaining a clear course outline
    • In case of loss of original mark sheets
    • Requirement for (additional)original mark sheets
  • Document procurement – We will assist in procuring lost/missed mark sheets & Degree certificates from a few universities.

More importantly we hold your hand every step of the way during this entire process to ensure a smooth and easy process.

Its that’s simple. Leave the rest to us.